Pet Paintings


Location: Fremont Center for the Arts (near the Public Library) in Canon City, Colorado.

Objective: To create a wooden frame that fits your existing painting, watercolor, mirror, photograph, etc., using only hand tools.

Date and Time: Thursday afternoon, September 16, 2021, from 1:00-3:00.

Cost: $40, which is includes all wood, materials, supplies and use of tools.

Class is limited to 7 students.

Contact the Fremont Center for the Arts (719-275-2790) or contact Elaine from this site ( for more details and to sign up.


I create real paintings, not prints imprinted on canvas.

I work meticulously from the photos you send me by email or through the US Post Office and I paint your animal’s portrait to match. It’s important to both of us that I get a true likeness of your pet.

I use only high-quality paints: Liquitex Heavy Body Professional Artists Paint.

In addition to painting pets, I also paint wild animals. You might prefer a painting of a zoo or wild animal, such as a lion, deer or some other interesting creature.

Here are some samples of my work…

siamese cat on table

Reference Photo:


Dawn’s dog, sugar

Here is the reference photo:

Here is Sugar’s painting:

shetland pony

Here is the reference photo:

Here is the painting:

Calico cat

This is the reference photo:

This is the painted portrait:


Terrier dog:

This is the reference photo:

This is the painted portrait:

Medium-haired gray cat:

This is the reference photo:

This is the painted portrait:

Here is the reference photo:

This is the husky painting:

all my work is guaranteed:

That is, if you don’t like the results of your pet’s portrait, you don’t have to purchase it.

Before you take delivery of the painting, I will send you a picture of it. If you want changes, I will make two revisions, which are included in the price.

how the painting is finished:

[1] A clear professional-quality artist varnish is applied to the front and all sides of the painting. This varnish helps to preserve and protect the painting from dirt, dust and gooey fingers.

[2] The sides, top and bottom of the canvas are painted, too. These edges are a continuation of the portrait so that it can be hung without a frame.

[3] Picture wire is fastened to the back of the painting so that it is ready to hang the moment you get it.

[4] Optional: You can order a custom handmade shadow box frame from me. I attach the frame to the portrait, but the frame can be removed if you choose to use a different frame. The frame adds $15 to the overall price. As stated, there will be picture wire on the back so the portrait is 100% ready to hang when it arrives.

my frames:

I make custom wooden frames.

They are the float-frame style, also called shadow box frames.

The frame is finished with several coats of polyurethane to keep the wood bright and clean. However, if you want the frame to be darker or painted, that can be arranged with no extra charge.

You can order a pet portrait with or without a frame. Either way, your painting will be ready to hang with a wire across the back.

sizes and pricing:

My standard size is 12″ x 16″, but you can order a custom size.

The 12″ x 16″ size without a frame is $75 plus shipping.

The 12″ x 16″ size with an attached wooden shadow box (float) frame is $90 plus shipping.

If you need something different, just email me with your requirements and your pet’s photos and we can discuss the options.

I can usually deliver a painting within 14 to 21 days.

small deposit required:

If after we discuss your pet’s portrait, you decide to place an order, a $10 deposit will be required.

Gift Cards are available:

These portraits make unique gifts that friends and family will keep for years to come.

Sometimes when a pet passes away, the owner would like a lasting memento. A professionally painted portrait will keep the happy memories of that loved pet alive.


estimated time of delivery:

I can usually get your portrait to you within 14 – 21 days.

You will get a target delivery day when you discuss your order with me.

send me photos with no obligation

Feel free to just start a discussion about the possibilities of getting a portrait of your pet or favorite wild animal.

There is no obligation to order a portrait just be sending photos and asking questions.

Send your photos and questions to